Just like other small mammals, squirrels have a lot of natural predators. This contributes a lot to their lifestyle. For instance, a squirrel will always be on alert even when there is no danger around. It is because they know that they can be attacked from any direction, and at any time. They also only get out looking for food during specific times when they know that predators are not around. If you live in an area that has lots of squirrels, you may enjoy watching how they dodge their enemies. On the other hand, these enemies might be your perfect weapon to keep away these small mammals, especially if you do not have time to hunt them down yourself. Another reason these animals have many natural enemies is because they are mostly harmless. They spend their lives running away from other animals, rather than attacking them. The predators that a squirrel has to hide from will vary depending on the types of habitats, which puts them at risk for several kinds of animals that want to eat them.

Below are the lists of some animals that eat squirrels:


Snakes are huge predators of squirrels because they can climb trees and invade their nest. This is the reason that squirrels build multiple nests, if a snake or other reptile like a raccoon invades their nest, they will need to move to another home. Snakes can coil themselves into holes where squirrels run and hide to escape other predators. In addition to that, snakes can go almost anywhere, they can climb trees, slither through thick bushes, which makes it easy for them to go into nooks and crannies that squirrels hide.


One of their biggest threats of squirrels is definitely a hawk. Hawk is a very intimidating predator and very successful, and squirrels finds it very hard to escape from it. One of the main problems is the speed of the hawk, because it’s significantly faster than a squirrel, especially if it’s a flying squirrel in the middle of a leap. Also, hawks have a very good vision, so it might be too late for a squirrel once it notices a hawk.


Coyotes are the main predators of squirrels and they are not very likely to survive an encounter with a coyote. Coyotes mostly eat small animals such as squirrels or rabbits Coyotes are also a very big threat for squirrels, especially for ground squirrels. They can be very fast with no chance of a squirrel outrunning them.


Considering that squirrels are living in almost every habitat, so one can guess that they will run into a fox. Fox is a very dangerous predator for smaller animals, which is why people think that a fox is very cunning. Obviously, foxes mostly prey on ground squirrels, except if some flying or tree squirrel decides it’s a good idea to pick something up from the ground.


Weasels are very adaptive predators. They hunt during the daytime and the nighttime. They are also very good at climbing so they are even dangerous for squirrels in trees. They are also very patient and they are likely to trap prey in a small space and then hunt it down.

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